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Here at WOODSTOCK® we celebrate foods that make you feel great about what you buy, eat, and serve your family. Our ingredients are simple, satisfying, and farmed from sources you can trust. Our team has been at it for over 30 years bringing passion for Organic, Non-GMO, and totally delicious food to the table.

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Good Means...

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Sustainability: Decades of dedication to health and sustainability

We are proud that our brand is a trusted destination for Organic and/or Non-GMO products. For over 30 years WOODSTOCK has been providing organic options because we believe in real food that is good for our bodies and good for our planet. We offer 140+ organic and 160+ Non-GMO Project Verified items.

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Wellness: Mindful ingredients, inspired recipes

WOODSTOCK is constantly looking to improve its offering through new products that are plant powered or removing ingredients that might not fit your personal goals. Recently we’ve committed to creating all our nut butter products without palm oil and no added sugar.

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Tasty: Downright tasty goodness (with a side of food obsession)

It’s pretty simple…we love good eats! This team of foodies is all about fueling humanity with nothing less than deliciousness. We hold our products to the highest quality standards and love sharing amazing ideas on tasty new ways to use our extraordinary products. Consider us good food obsessed!

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In good company

We’ve doubled down on our commitment to preserving the future of food. By supporting WOODSTOCK you’re also helping hardworking farmers who believe in an Organic and Non-GMO food system, as well as saving farm acreage and natural resources. And for this we sincerely thank you!

  • Non-GMO Project Non-GMO Project
    Non-GMO Project
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    USDA Organic
Non-GMO Project
Non-GMO Project

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect a non-GMO food supply for all of us and future generations! Something we can stand behind - working to preserve the non-GMO supply chain and our natural resources, educating consumers, and making it easy-as-pie for them to choose trusted brands that believe in their mission. Making it simple for consumers with their verification stamp (hey, remember to look for the butterfly) is just one way they are making it easy for consumers to purchase non-GMO. We at WOODSTOCK are proud to partner with the Non-GMO Project and feature the Non-GMO verification on our products, believing in serving up food as nature intended. Learn more

USDA Organic
USDA Organic

Woodstock takes pride in supporting and offering a wide range of products with the USDA Organic seal. We want consumers to know a little more about the standards behind the seal: 

  • Provides federal guidelines on how organic foods are grown and processed ranging from soil quality to use of additives 
  • Requires annual process documentation and inspections
  • Prohibits the use artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors and require that their ingredients are organic (with some minor exceptions)

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